as I stagger through the house. I wonder are you thinking of me cuz I’m thinking of you.  it sucks because all I can think about is you I tried to distract myself but I see you everywhere I try to forget you but it doesn’t help part of me wants to forget you part of me wishes we never met the pain seems to be worth it at times but I wonder if it would have been better if I never met you I have to wonder if I was younger would it be different but yet I also wonder if I was thinner would you stay I just hope I don’t have to feel is paid much longer I’m sure you pull the way to prevent this which I completely understand just know that I know that wishes don’t always come true and I know that you will never feel the same don’t worry I will get over you once i won’t have to see you anymore it will hurt but I but the pain was worth it I won’t have to see you anymore. so thank you for let me be a part of you even just for a little while this is my drunk blogs laugh out loud it hurts but it was so worth it

Posted from Kimberly Pearson