Image           Some may say that your dream is completely unattainable.  Others may even laugh at you.  Is that necessary?  I say they may be envious of your intentions, ambitions, and determinations to chase that dream.  The struggle of getting there will be worth it.  But do it the right way. 

           I for one have struggled with the truth of what my dreams are.  I’ve always wanted to be an actress, a singer, a dancer, and even dabble in the arts.  That’s very hard to do or pursue in a world so skeptical.  It’s sad really.  I’m 32 years old now.  (This is hard for me to accept sometimes, especially since I act a lot like a kid and at times a drama queen teenager.  Yes, I digress.)  And for as long as I could remember I’ve always been told that my dreams will never get me anywhere and that it’s a complete waste of my time.  I beg to differ.  I got to the point where I completely felt that I was suffocating.  Feeling the need to express myself through the arts.  This is what I want and this is what I WILL do.  I don’t care anymore if anyone snickers at my dreams.  I say that it is worth the exploration.  So if you love something then do yourself a HUGE favor and go after it.  You don’t want to regret it.  Least of all find that you are in your 30’s still searching for that missing piece in your life.  You know what your missing but you feel obligated to steer clear just because you’ve been told to.  I feel very strongly about this.  So Merry Christmas, the gift that you should give yourself is freedom to pursue.  So pursue as I shall be doing.  The passion and need is there so make sure they are met.