Ok.   So honestly, I see all of these couples that are constantly arguing and seem to drift further apart with so much lack-luster.  Such a shame.  What seems to happen is disagreements with such long awaited make up.  This, by my opinion, can only lead to more negativity.  I’m going to give a suggestion here.  Try this on for size….the next time you and your significant other end up arguing (most likely over something stupid) how about you skip the long ignoring periods of time, that many may have,  and get straight to the makeup sex.  I’m telling you this will do wonders for your relationship.  For instance,  let’s say you and your boy/girlfriend are fighting over who didn’t shovel the walk and it was their turn.  Well, even though it’s healthy to argue it is also healthy to make up afterwards.  And why hold a grudge, personally I believe that gets no one anywhere but lonely and hanging out with Susie thumb and her four sisters.  Anyhow,  take your man/woman straight into the boudoir and ask them if they would like to skip ahead to the fun part of arguments in relationships and get down and dirty.  Try it a few times.  And if it works let me know.  If not maybe I could suggest a similar take on it.  So good luck with the new spark you may have inflamed.  Enjoy!  I know you will.